Residential and Commercial Services



Lauber Lawn and Tree Service offers many services including:

Seasonal Cleanups


A great lawn needs to be taken care of at different times through the year. In the spring when the snow has melted, there is always plant material on the ground or shrub roses that should be trimmed back. In the fall, perennial flowers and bushes such as Spirea should be trimmed back and leaves from trees need to be picked up.

Lawn Cutting


A weekly cutting contract that includes lawn cutting, trimming, and blowing of drives, walks and any clumps left from the mower.



Over time, Mother Nature wears down mulch in flowerbeds and around tree rings. If you decide to have us install or just deliver, we can supply almost any variety or a mixed mulch from chippings that we have.

Snowplowing and Salting


So there’s no denying it, we live in Wisconsin and the weather can change quickly. Many times snow can drift over driveways and cause icy conditions- don't take a chance, let us handle your drive or parking lot including plowing shoveling walks and if requested salting at an extra cost.

Brush Clearing


Sometimes a tree line becomes overgrown with brush and needs to be cleared out. No problem, we will cut, chip and remove the stumps, or apply a treatment to prevent any new growth.

Stump Removal


If you have us take down a tree or have old stumps in your yard, we are able to remove the stump with the grinder. Then cleanup the chippings and if requested, bring topsoil and seed.

Emergency Cleanups


When a storm comes though there can be damage to trees including broken limbs, branches on the ground or the dreaded house damage from downed trees. No matter the situation, we will be there ASAP to assess the damage, clear any hazards and comfort you while working with insurance companies.


Tree Trimming and Removal


Most of the time trees don't need to be trimmed or removed, but when they do contact us and we will be happy to help. From selective pruning to complete removal, there is almost no job we can't handle with either a 50 foot bucket lift or experianced climbing techniques.


Lawn Cutting

Seasonal Cleanups

Mulch Install

Snowplowing/ Salting

Small Landscaping

Tree Trimming/ Removal

Stump Removal

Brush Clearing

Emergency Cleanups

Small Landscaping


From lot clearing to seeding and anything inbetween, let us know your plans and we will let you know if it is possible.

Pine Tree Spur Climbing2 Oak Trees Removed Completed2 Oak Trees Removed



2 medium oak trees approxmently 10 feet from house.



2 Acre lot with pine trees logged 2 years prior- stumps and limbs were left behind. Brush upto 4" diamater.

Same lot after clearing brush, stumping, and moving logs and limbs into one pile by homeowner's request, then graded.

stump grinder

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